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I'm a Midwest ad gal turned web gal passionate about navigating brands through this hyper-connected world. When off the clock, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and pup. Interests include travel, cooking, needle arts, gardening and zen living. At least I'm striving for that zen thing.
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Total lunar eclipse of my heart #bloodmoon #fullmoon #lunareclipse (at Charno’s Seven Springs)

And that’s where he laid… Until we told him to get up and get out of the rain #chase #dogsworld

Today’s harvest - beets, zucchini, summer squash, beans, peas, pepper and some edible flowers #charnosgarden

Two new 8x4 garden beds seeded. Now let’s hope the veg grows and isn’t eaten by all the critters. And that my knees and hands feel better tomorrow. (at Charno’s Seven Springs)

This little pot has already attracted a hummingbird today! (at Charno’s Seven Springs)

Nothing like a fresh baked Cherry Pie to brighten a dreary Sunday

Oreo’s trending/vending mashup at sxswi #eatthetweet #technicaldifficulties

Need a room at #sxsw still? Bates Motel has vacancies. (at Bates Motel)

Happy Turkey Day and Safe Travels


i was waiting for someone to do this lol

(via ch-vogue)